Monday, March 5, 2012

Kids With A Heart

 One must talk carefully when bringing up the topic, tornado.  Our community was badly damaged by a tornado 3 years ago, and the memories are still very real.  I talked with my little ones this morning about Henryville (hiding my own sorrow at hearing the loss of 15 month-old Angel).  Our discussion led to all of the precious things that they value, that could be lost in a tornado.  When I talked about the Beauty from Broken Pieces project, they were "all about it."  We peeled some of our broken crayons together, then each child took several crayons home, along with our note explaining the project.  I hope to see many peeled crayons tomorrow.  One of our first grade classrooms is going to help after hearing about our project.  I am going to experiment tonight in my kitchen to find the best way to make crayon chunks (am a little worried about my smoke detector!). 
Tornado, sadness, loss of loved ones, compassion, acts of kindness, and yes, ISTEP. . . God has this all figured out.         Drama Queen


  1. I love what you are doing! We can't always shield our children from tragedy but we can help them bring healing to the broken pieces. Thanks for this great idea!

  2. I remember driving through your area three years ago. I imagine all this tragedy is very real for you! Great reading your blog!