Monday, February 27, 2012

On With The Crown!

Yesterday my family celebrated our Mom's 80th birthday.  She is famous in our family for her sense of humor and endless love for all of us.  She has tenderly watched friends and family pass due to illness or age.
She is devoted to my Dad and cares for him in many ways.  She is a rock.  She is also a DRAMA QUEEN!
Growing up, I remember her breaking into a song or story.  She encouraged all of us kids to express ourselves, and I thank her for allowing the messes, the dress-up days, and the never-ending flow of neighbor kids coming and going.  Appropriately, we crowned our Mom last night.  She wore a tiara and a pink "birthday girl" sash throughout the party.  The party was over. . . we were finishing dishes. . .I noticed she still had the tiara on her head.  Thinking she forgot about it, I reminded her that she could take it off.  She quickly replied that she had great plans for that tiara.  Many more happy days for my mom, the original DRAMA QUEEN!


  1. Love that she still has spunk.My mom will be 80 this year too. I think she's earned the crown.

  2. I love the way we can see the connections through generations. Like mother, like daughter? I'm glad the drama queen crosses generations. :)